Self-help training offerings

Evie offers online self-help for and only from you. Each self-help training is free and you can take it at your own pace and when and where it suits you. No one is watching these trainings with you. You follow the trainings for yourself. Do you notice that you can't manage on your own during the training? Or could you use some help? Then know that Evie is also used by your GP, POH-GGZ, municipality and the GGZ organizations in your region. 

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Self-help training offerings

Several online self-help trainings are available. The self-help trainings are developed in cooperation with experts and experts by experience. They contain explanations, videos, illustrations, exercises and examples.

  • Sleep better
    Sleeping well is important. Everyone needs sleep to unwind and recover. Unfortunately, sleeping well does not come naturally to everyone. Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or are you unable to sleep through the night? It is possible to change your sleeping pattern with the help of Evie's online self-help training.
    Read more about the online self-help training "Better Sleep" here.

  • Involved Environment
    As a neighbor of someone with mental illness, a lot can be asked of you. In this self-help training Evie gives you tips and tricks to deal differently with the situation of you and your loved one(s). With the help of exercises you will learn to balance the care for the other person with the care for yourself.

  • Gratitude
    Do you want to focus more on the positive things in your life? 'Gratitude' is a hands-on training that teaches you to recognize gratitude moments and build them into your routine.
    Learn more about the online self-help training 'Gratitude' here.

  • Healthy Eating
    Is it important for you to start eating healthier? But have no idea how to tackle this, or don't have enough motivation? This training will help you find your motivation for a healthier life and how to pick it up.

  • Healthier living
    Is it important for you to start living healthier? But do you have no idea how to tackle this, or don't have enough motivation? This training will help you find your motivation for a healthier life and how to pick it up.

  • Indicating Boundaries
    In the training "Indicating Boundaries" you learn in four parts how to indicate your boundaries. This helps you not only to indicate what you do not want, but also to indicate what you do want or can do. In this way, the training helps you find a middle ground: You can be there for another person, but you remain mindful of your own boundaries.

  • Going to work with a smile
    Do you want to go back to work with a smile? Do you want to learn how to deal with stress? In this self-help training you learn to recognize what makes you stressed, what gives you energy and what brings you relaxation.

  • Your Personal Route
    What is a personal route? And what can you do with it? This short online training will answer this.

  • Mapping your problem
    You are not feeling well or are running into one or more problems. What exactly is going on? What can help you work on it? To be able to answer these questions, Evie's online self-help helps you to map out your situation step by step so you can work on it and move forward.

  • Your social circle
    Everyone needs support. Others can help you: by talking to you, offering practical help, or simply giving you a long, warm hug. It is important to gain insight into your social circle. Who is there for you? Would you like to gain insight into your social network? In this self-help training you will map it out at your own pace!
    Read more about the online self-help training 'Your social circle' here.

  • Move More
    Want to live a healthier life? This self-help training provides information on how to move more. An action plan will help you set a goal and track and achieve your goal on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Worry less
    Do you worry a lot and would like to reduce it? Evie can help you identify and reduce your brooding thoughts. With the module 'Less worrying' you take the first step towards more control over worrying.
    Read more about the online 'Less worrying' here.

  • Mindfulness
    The online self-help Mindfulness can be followed for various reasons: you want to experience more peace, worry less, deal better with stress, concentrate better, sleep better or relax better. With Mindfulness you take a step back, as it were, and notice what is happening around you and within yourself. In this way you become more aware of your own experiences. By looking at this without judgment, it becomes easier to let your experiences be as they are.
    Read more about the online self-help training 'Mindfulness' here.

  • Relaxed
    Being tense is felt in your body, your head and often everywhere at once. Tension is normal, sometimes even healthy, but as soon as you find it difficult to relax again, it can bother you. Evie offers online self-help that teaches you how to relax.

  • Tackle Your Gloom
    In this self-help training you will tackle your gloom and get information about gloom. You'll explore how your gloominess works. You will learn step by step what you can do to feel less gloomy.

  • Self-image
    Can you properly name what you find positive about yourself? Many people find this difficult. Points of improvement, on the other hand, we can all say out loud. As soon as these points of improvement, or more negative points, take over, your self-image becomes negative. This can weigh heavily on you. To help you achieve a more realistic self-image, Evie offers online self-help with various exercises.

Diary offerings

In addition to self-help training, Evie offers diaries where you can share emotions, images or specific moments. Diaries can be used generically, and fit almost all modules. You can also use the diaries separately.

  • Emotion
    With the "Emotion" journal, you keep track of how you were feeling that day. You can also explain your feelings using text or a picture. You can track your feelings per day in a graph. This will give you more insight into your feelings.

  • Inspirational Moments
    In this journal you can use text and photos to collect moments that inspire you. This can give you some courage in difficult moments.

  • Moment
    With the journal "Moment" you can capture moments. These can be fun, tough, funny, sad, cool, unexpected or fun moments, for example. By collecting these moments, you have a place for yourself to look back at all that you have experienced.