About Evie

Everyone has times when things take a turn for the worse. That is part of life. You may wonder how you can handle stress better, how you can sleep better or how you can live healthier. Not at all strange if you also ask yourself one of these questions.

All of the Netherlands mentally fit so you can cope with setbacks, that's what we do it for at Evie. By being mentally fit, we are more comfortable in our own skin, we are less likely to be sick and together we can handle much more. In short, being mentally fit is important! Evie helps you as a platform by offering articles, videos, podcasts, exercises and workouts that are of interest to you.

Read, listen and watch

An example: You have not been sleeping well lately. This frustrates you and it also bothers you during the day. You regularly resolve to go to bed earlier, but you don't manage to catch up on your sleep. Annoying, because sleeping well is important! Everyone needs sleep to unwind.

What can you do to change your sleeping pattern? Click on topic "Sleep" on this page and you will get tips and experiences on this topic, among other things. You can also enter here whether you like to read, listen or watch. Based on this choice, you will be shown texts, podcasts or videos.

From your region

Evie is supported from regional collaborations between general practitioners, poh-ggz, municipalities and ggz organizations. Does your region also collaborate with Evie? Then by entering your zip code you can also find articles, organizations, initiatives or videos in or from your area that can help you.


If your region cooperates with Evie, you can also take advantage of our online self-help trainings for free. This allows you to work on your mental health without a counsellor (anonymously).

Do you also want to be or stay mentally fit (again)?

With a caregiver

In addition to self-help trainings, Evie also offers trainings (also called e-health modules) that you can take alone with a counselor. Read more about how to get started with these trainings here.