Evie during your treatment

What is e-health platform Evie?

More and more professionals in general care. basic mental health care or the social domain are using the e-health platform Evie to support their treatment.

Evie is a safe and reliable online platform. Through this platform you can find articles, podcasts, videos and online trainings about your health or well-being. You can do this via your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Through Evie you can work on your mental health preventively, without supervision, but you also have the possibility to choose a digital route that suits you together with your care provider. In the e-health platform of Evie there are a large number of reliable and user-friendly modules, questionnaires or trainings to choose from. There is always something that suits you. You follow the trainings where and when you want, alone or with someone else. With your counselor for example, but you can also do the training with your partner or a friend.

How can Evie help you?

You currently have complaints that you want to resolve or reduce. Or you want to work on your personal development. Changes in your daily habits and behavior will help. Your doctor, therapist or counselor can support you, but they are not always nearby or available. Evie is always nearby and always there for you. You can work independently with Evie at any time of the day. This way you can get a better grip on your recovery.

"I fill out my sleep diary every day and have taken the self-help training 'Better Sleep.' When I lie awake I re-read the tips."

What are the benefits of Evie?

  • You deploy Evie where, when and with whom you want.
  • Evie is user-friendly: you'll get the hang of it in no time.
  • Through Evie, you can have contact with your counselor between appointments.
  • Evie helps you through difficult moments.
  • You can review all the information and exercises later.

Are you getting started with Evie?

Good choice! This is your first step to feeling better. The next steps are:

  1. choose: work with your counselor to select a module that suits you or choose a self-help training.
  2. do: follow the module on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  3. Discuss: discuss progress and follow-up with your counselor.

"My counselor set up a workout for me. Every Sunday night I take time to do my assignments. If I have questions I send him a message."

Learn more

You can read more about Evie's benefits in the flyer.

Still have questions after reading? Then take a look at the questions and answers on our website. Is your question not there? Ask it to your counselor.

Good luck!