Privacy is very important to us. It goes without saying that we fully comply with the applicable laws and regulations and do everything with the utmost care to optimally guard your privacy.


Added value of cookies

Our website uses cookies to enhance ease of use. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile device when websites are visited.

Our cookies help us with:

  • Making the website work optimally
  • Improve website speed and security
  • Making it possible to share pages via social media
  • Personalizing our site so you can find what you need as quickly as possible
  • Improving our website
  • Making our marketing activities as efficient as possible

What cookies are set by us?

Functional cookies

  • We use these cookies to make our website function properly. For example, functional cookies allow us to remember your search results on our website and present content according to our visitors' preferences. These cookies cannot be disabled except by not using our site.
  • Our site uses third-party functionality. An example is an implemented YouTube video. Disabling these cookies ensures that these functionalities are no longer available.

Analytical cookies

  • We regularly test out new designs and features on our website. We do this by showing different versions of our site to different visitors. We anonymously monitor how our visitors react to these different versions. This helps us give you a better experience on our Web site.
  • Visitors can easily "like" or share our content via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn using the sharing buttons on the website. Because we keep statistics of this, cookies are placed. The impact on visitor privacy varies by social medium and depends, among other things, on the visitor's personal privacy settings on these media.
  • We use cookies to collect visitor statistics. These include: how many visitors come to the website, what technology they use (e.g. Windows or Mac, this helps us fix software-specific problems on the website), how long visitors stay on the site, what pages are viewed, etc. This allows us to continuously improve the site. These analytics programs show us, anonymously of course, how visitors reached our site (for example, via a search engine) and whether they have visited our site before.

Remarketing cookies

You may have noticed that after visiting a Web site, you come across ads from the same Web site in other places. This is because advertisers, including ourselves, pay for these ads. This technology is also enabled by so-called "remarketing cookies" that we place on your device. We use these ads to show you, for example, relevant messages related to our services. We cannot target you based on these ads, as the entire process is anonymized. You can also disable these cookies at any time.

Disabling cookies

Cookies can be disabled by adjusting your browser settings so that it no longer accepts cookies. This will likely limit the functionality of this site, among others.

Cookie review

Google Analytics (type: Analytical)

For example, we use Google Analytics to measure how you found our website, and how you use our website. With this information, we can optimize the operation of our website.