I want to focus on the positive things

Do you mostly see things going wrong in your life? Do you focus too much on the negative things? Do you want to improve your state of mind? And so would you like to focus more on the positive things in your life? 'Gratitude' is the hands-on self-help training that teaches you to recognize gratitude moments and build them into your routine.

This self-help training can be run on both your computer and cell phone. For use on your cell phone, first create an account on the website, then download the Minddistrict app via Google Play or the App Store.

In the above video from Minddistrict, Renske briefly explains the self-help training "Gratitude.

What will you learn in the gratitude training?

In this short, hands-on self-help training, you will work specifically on the questions, "How do you think about what you are grateful for?" and "How can you incorporate 'being grateful' into your routine?"

To help you with the answers, information about gratitude is provided. What is gratitude and how does it work? This is followed by a few short assignments that will help you learn to better recognize your gratitude moments.

Keeping a journal

This self-help training gives you the opportunity to keep a journal of all your gratitude moments. This way you can reflect on these moments even more and look back on them later.