I want to be more mindful in life

Do you often worry and experience stress? If you want to be more comfortable in your own skin, then the online self-help training 'Mindfulness' is for you. The training is suitable for adults who worry a lot and suffer from stress and physical complaints.

The training can be taken via cell phone.

With mindfulness, you pay more attention to the here-and-now. You take a step back and are more concerned with what is happening around you and with yourself. Because you actually feel emotions, you learn to enjoy fine emotions more and accept less pleasant ones.

What will you learn in the training 'Mindfulness?

By reading about mindfulness, watching animations and videos by a mindfulness trainer and experts by experience, you will learn to apply mindfulness in your daily life. You will work with different meditation techniques. Think of the body scan, sitting meditation or walking meditation.

Keeping a journal

As you go through the training, you can automatically follow the "Mindfulness" journal. How did the training go? What did you learn? What are you taking away? Write it off!