Vision of e-health

E-health is not new. There are already many digital tools that professionals can use in the treatment of (mild) mental health problems.

But how do you ensure that e-health becomes a logical part of the regular treatment process? And that you give online assistance a permanent place in your services? That's where Evie helps.

The client is our starting point

Evie is the abbreviation for e-health for all. And that ties in with our mission: to make e-health easily available to everyone, so that clients can start working on their own health or well-being. Without a waiting list and affordable. Independently and, if necessary, with a care provider.

Regional carrying capacity

Online mental health care is more than just providing technical support. It is also important to build regional support. To make that happen, we organize regional user groups for professionals. Within these groups, professionals spar with each other and exchange experiences. Municipalities and professional care organizations can also join Evie. The result: institutions and care providers can find each other quickly and easily online.

Evie closes the chain of care

Healthcare often takes place on "islands. Evie connects all the islets within the healthcare chain. We do this by offering e-health in the preventive sphere, but we also seamlessly scale up to professional care. By looking at the entire chain, we ensure that all connected parties can work across domains without problems. And the client is assured of a journey without barriers, because the entire mental health care system is available: from prevention to specialist mental health care.

Blended care

Professionals want to provide good and personalized care that is tailored to clients' needs and care requirements. Care that can be started quickly and that can be used flexibly. The mix of online and offline care (blended care) meets this need.

Clients get the best of both worlds with blended care: the personal contact during the one-on-one appointment and the speed and flexibility of the e-health platform. As well as the knowledge and expertise of the professional plus the client's own direction and responsibility. Evie helps professionals to master this blended way of working. Both professionals and clients benefit.

Proven methodical way of working

The implementation model for professionals has a scientific basis. Thus, it is a proven methodical way of working. Evie ensures that professionals and clients have easy access to all tools, apps and information. And of course they receive instructional emails, useful tips and the possibility of online training. If there are still questions, our e-health advisors will help.

In short

Evie mixes self-direction, a methodical approach, the knowledge and skills of the professional and an approachable and safe platform into a flexible approach to (mild) mental health problems, which shortens waiting lists and saves costs.  

And now?

Want to get started with Evie yourself or want to know more? Feel free to contact our e-health consultants.