Municipality of Horst aan de Maas: Walk-in and meeting


Name: The SamenUit bus
Background: The SamenUit bus runs for seniors and people with disabilities in Horst aan de Maas so that they can, for example, go shopping or go out for fun (also outside Horst aan de Maas.

Name: Talk group for loved ones (addiction)
Background: Talk group for loved ones of addicts where comfort, understanding and support are key. Every Tuesday evening from 7:30 - 9:00 pm (walk-in from 7:00 pm).
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Name: With Your Heart, Horst aan de Maas Branch
Background: Connects vulnerable older people. Ensuring people are there for each other and meet each other

Name: Humanitas, Limburg-North Department
Background: Need friendship, someone to talk to at home? Would you like to meet new people? Or support in processing a major event? The volunteers of Humanitas North Limburg are there for anyone who wants to share their thoughts, experiences and stories with someone.

Name: Momentjes vaan geluk
Background: Contact agency for elderly people in Horst aan de Maas who feel lonely, in order to drink coffee with others, take a walk or have a chat.

Name: Lotgenoten Horst aan de Maas
Background: Brings people together who are dealing with various forms of grief, loss or serious illness. They organize group meetings or walks for this purpose, for example.

Name: His Hope
Background: Provides a low-threshold meeting place and activities for people who have become isolated (especially newcomers).

Name: 't Laefhoes
Background: Health center and meeting space that includes a public living room, exchange library, kitchen and garden for all residents of the municipality of Horst aan de Maas

Name: Naober care point Swolgen
Background: Village facility with open-walk-in to support social contact in which meeting and conviviality are central.