Cooperation Practice Support and Minddistrict: shorter waiting lists and affordable care

Praktijksteun and Minddistrict are going to work together more intensively, using e-health platform Evie. With this platform, clients can also deal with (mild) psychological problems themselves online. The desired result? Optimal regional and digital cooperation will shorten waiting lists and make care more affordable. This makes care quickly available to everyone.

Digital care based on real-world experience and knowledge

"The regional collaboration as shaped by Practice Support and Minddistrict is unique," said Jeanette Ploeger, CEO of Minddistrict. "Minddistrict is the software platform for the healthcare professional and the client. The e-health provider, which facilitates the technology and content of the platform. Praktijksteun provides the context and service to the healthcare professionals, such as coordination and implementation. Practice Support knows what's going on in family medicine and in the region. This is because they provide practice support themselves and can therefore connect well with the perception of professionals. And that ensures that professionals really feel understood in their search for an appropriate form of digital care." 

What does Evie add to that?

The collaboration within the e-health platform Evie provides active support in implementing the platform and solving multidomain funding issues. In addition, Evie is the first-line help desk for client and professional and they provide user reports for all parties.

Evie will be expanded in the future, such as links and/or integrations with personal health environments (PBMs), regional information about waiting times and the current supply of care. In this way, the client's 'journey' in the mental health sector will be further optimized, with Evie as the trusted basis for both the professional and the client.

Everything starts with home health care

Thijs van Kempen, director of Praktijksteun: "We make the connection between an online e-health platform and offline face-to-face sessions with a healthcare professional (blended care). Not only in terms of technology: we are also actively building a strengthened regional network. The basis of this lies with the general practitioner. As a gatekeeper, the GP can connect with the regional chain partners."

Preventive and curative

Participants get access to the preventive online modules of Minddistrict via Evie from the municipality or the general practice. With e-health, they can start working on their (mental) health at home. Because mental health care providers in the region can also join Evie, the participant can also follow modules from the mental health care after the preventive modules, with or without guidance from a professional.

Added value for participants

Ploeger: "The added value for participants is mainly in improving access to care. With Evie, participants have an open and accessible platform where they can work on their own well-being. For example by reducing problems in the areas of sleeping, brooding and stress. In an approachable way, we prevent the need for care, if possible. If you do need help, we use improved triage to ensure that the client enters the care network more quickly."

The client remains in control

Working on health independently online makes participants become owners and directors of their own health care needs. They learn to deal with mild psychological problems independently and find that they can make progress themselves through online modules. And the mix of online and offline care also results in a shorter course, fewer waiting lists and lower costs.