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Need advice or help?

Fighting an unhealthy addiction.

What role does alcohol play in other people's lives?

Put your alcohol use on temporary pause?

What you need to know about drug use

Addicted to you: interactive video about alcohol abuse


Test your knowledge about drugs

Find your buddy and quit smoking together!

Partying with drugs? Get yourself informed.

What you need to know about smoking

How will you quit smoking? Do the decision aid.


Quit smoking? These people went before you


Need support for smoking cessation?

7 things you need to know about cannabis


7 things you need to know about alcohol


Need help reducing or quitting alcohol?

Drink less? Take the test and get tips.


Take the drinking test and get personalized advice


What you need to know about alcohol consumption


Contact with like-minded people

Changing drinking habits? GP helps

Maxx app helps you drink less

Self online quitting drugs, alcohol, smoking or gambling

Living healthier with less alcohol

Quitting or reducing alcohol

Quitting blowing

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