Evie for your patients

The Evie.nl website is Evie's new prevention platform. From your region, this platform and online self-help training is offered free of charge to all residents (patients). The platform is specifically aimed at strengthening mental resilience. On Evie.nl, residents of the region, including your patients, can search for relevant articles, podcasts, videos and self-help modules on mental health. It also highlights local offerings in this area. For example, local initiatives where fellow sufferers can meet can be easily found.

We hope you will want to help promote mental resilience in your area and thereby reduce the pressure on general practitioner care. You can do this by bringing Evie.co.uk to the attention of your patients and acquaintances. To create this attention, Evie has prepared various communication tools on this page. Think of a patient folder, waiting room poster (digital), sample texts for the website and own newsletter, a banner for on the website of the practice, et cetera.


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Evie herself can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. You are, of course, welcome to share our posts on these platforms with your followers as well.