Leon on his experience with Evie's trainings

"On the advice of a colleague, I started working with Evie. He thought it could help me get back in touch with my feelings. By keeping the 'Emotions' journal, I had a daily moment to reflect on my day and what exactly had happened. When I started working with the journal, I also saw all kinds of self-help trainings that I found interesting. For example, I also started working on "Better Sleep" and "Mindfulness.

It's nice that Evie is so accessible. You sign up via the website for free and anonymously if you want, download the Minddistrict app on your phone and you can get started after that via both desktop and mobile. It has helped me to make time for myself again daily and thus get more peace in my head."

Leon has been using Evie since May 2020 and is a trainee at Centrum Fameus, part of GGz Breburg.

Evie's online self-help trainings are offered free and anonymously only for residents of Evie's affiliated regions.