Dennis talks about his experience with online self-help from Evie

The road to recovery looks different for everyone. Evie's online self-help trainings can play a major role in this. In the form of a so-called 'blended' treatment with support from a health care provider, but also for anyone who wants to independently get (often mild) symptoms under control or reduce them. So Dennis also noticed; he had been an addict for more than 20 years. The online e-health platform Evie gave him insight and got him moving.

Holding change of recovery

Dennis has been at GGz Breburg for his own treatment process for an extended period of time. "Everything is going well now, but still I notice that you keep a certain psychological vulnerability," Dennis says. On the recommendation of a colleague, he came into contact with Evie, as a means to maintain the learned change of recovery. "I was a bit skeptical at first about how an online platform, such as Evie, could further guide me in my process," Dennis indicates.

Personal instrument

Evie brings care closer to people. Whether that is in the form of substantive training, where information and assignments are used to work on achieving goals or changing behavior. Or by keeping diaries, in which your emotions, images or specific moments can be shared and made insightful. Dennis: "What struck me immediately about Evie was the large and versatile offer. You choose (possibly a combination of) the self-help training that suits you. My eye fell on the emotion diary and the module 'Gratitude'." The emotion diary is a concise journal that records emotions about a particular event. The online self-help module 'Gratitude,' gives more focus on the positive things in life.


"Every day I received a notification to fill in my diary, this also encouraged me to take a moment to reflect on different situations and events. A kind of evaluation or self-reflection on the day. Probably because the emotion diary gave me more insight into certain events, sometimes it seemed like I was really being helped by a person." Central to self-help training is mobilizing your own strengths. You have and remain in charge and responsible for yourself. If support from a healthcare professional with symptoms does prove necessary or desirable, the insights previously gleaned from the trainings and diaries can be shared and used to arrive at a care request or recovery.


"It was mainly the emotion diary that led me to take the step of keeping my own diary in order to be more aware of certain situations and events. This is how Evie motivated me to change," Dennis concludes.

Evie's online self-help trainings are currently offered free and anonymously for residents of member regions.